101 Things to Do and Enjoy in Bacolod. #101 is the Best and Totally Free!

things to do in bacolod

What are the things to do in Bacolod? First time visitors would often ask. However, most visitors go to Bacolod City only during MassKara Festival because that is what the city is famous for especially for first-time visitors. Most people do not know what to do, where to go and what to eat when they visit […]

Top 5 Reasons to Visit May’s Organic Garden with Your Family

may's organic garden

May’s Organic Garden is one of the best destinations in Negros Occidental if you want to learn more about organic farming. Working with different projects on organic agriculture has opened my eyes on the importance of producing organic food to help the small farmers, the environment and for our own health. Most of our meetings […]

Palangga Art Exhibit

palangga art exhibit

Jojo Vito Designs Gallery will hold an Art Exhibit dubbed as “Palangga” at Metrodome Center, Araneta Street, Bacolod City. The exhibit will showcase relief sculptures and paintings all anchored on the theme “Palangga” (Beloved). Palangga Art Exhibit will also showcase the works of other local artists: Ptr. Arthur Bayles, Mirriam Bayles,  Nunistell Mae Fulo- Lee […]

Munsterific vs 7-Eleven: The Smackdown

munsterific vs 7eleven

Munsterific Vs 7-Eleven, which one do you think is the preferred convenience store of the Negenses? The war of the convenience stores has definitely reached the shores of Negros Occidental. This sort of reminds us of the turf war between Jollibee and McDonalds. Bacolod City is probably the only place in the Philippines where McDonalds […]

“Ikaw Lamang” Shot in Negros

Ikaw lamang

The pilot episode of “Ikaw Lamang” of ABS-CBN went trending on Twitter worldwide during its pilot episode with its charming scenery of the countryside and wonderful performance of its young cast members. For Negrenses, it evoked nostalgia with Ilonggo lullaby Ili-ili (Click here for the lyrics) vast sugarcane plantations, and ancestral homes. In fact, some […]