Paklay: Just Another Delicious Goat Dish

Yes, I am a chevon eater  (It sounds better than goat meat eater). Aside from the usual caldereta, I am willing to try exotic dishes such as the goat head dish at San Carlos City. If you are adventurous, you don’t have to travel that far to try a goat dish. There are hole-in-the-wall carinderias in Bacolod City which serve goat dishes almost everyday.

I happen to like the the  goat dish paklay of Camino’s Place at the corner of Burgos and Gatuslao Sts. We eat there sometimes because it’s convenient. It’s near my place of work and it’s where we take the jeep.

This place is not for the squeamish. It’s a drinking hole and paklay is just one of their best selling pulutan. They also serve caldereta, linaga, chicken inasal and barbecued pork and chicken. Mind you, their chicken inasal tastes like native chicken. Follow where the blue-collared go after a hard day’s work and you’ll surely find cheap and delicious food. One serve of paklay is P50 and can already shared by two persons.

The waitresses wear micro-miniskirts which make you wonder how in the world can somebody wear something so short without having stomachache. There’s a live entertainment every night and some of the singers are surprisingly good. However, they can be too loud if you sit near the stage and they sometimes make greetings in English that is barely comprehensible. If you can’t take this “ambiance”, yo can always buy take out.

From where I came from in Iloilo, paklay is a dish of bamboo shoots (usually cut in strips) with shrimps, pork and usually with achuete and a little broth. I also asked a Bacolod-born friend whose mom hails from Iloilo and we have the same paklay dish.

When searching the internet for paklay recipe, I’m often referred to Cebuano sites so I guess the goat meat paklay has Cebuano influence. The only similarity with the Ilonggo Paklay is the bamboo shoots or tambo.

Below is a Cebu Paklay Recipe from Overseas Pinoy Cooking.


1/2 kilo beef tripe, cut into strips, boiled till tender, reserve broth
1/4 kilo beef liver (and heart in available), boiled, cut into strips
1/4 kilo beef tenderloin or sirloin, cut into strips
3 cups fresh young pineapple, cut into cubes
3 cups labong, bamboo shoot, sliced/cut into strips, boiled, drained
1 large size red or green bell pepper, cut into strips
1 large size onions, sliced
1 head garlic, chopped
2 thumb size ginger, cut into thin strips
3-4 pcs. siling haba, green chili, cut crosswise
2-3 pcs. siling labuyo, chopped
1-2 tbsp. sampalok sinigang mix, optional
1/4 cup patis, fish sauce
salt and pepper
cooking oil


In a saucepan sauté garlic, ginger and onion. Add in beef meat, beef tripe, liver (and heart if using), pineapple, bamboo shoot, and fish sauce stir cook for 3-5 minutes. Now add in 2 cups of broth (from boiling the beef tripe) and sampalok sinigang mix if using, bring to a boil and simmer for 8-10 minutes or until most of the broth has evaporated. Add in siling labuyo, siling haba, bell pepper and season with salt and pepper to taste, cook for another 2-3 minutes. Serve hot.

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Paklay: Just Another Delicious Goat Dish by

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