2012 DOST Scholarship Application Forms now Available

The Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) has been awarding undergraduate scholarships yearly to thousands of deserving students nationwide. The program aims to develop the country’s pool of competent technical manpower.

Application forms for the 2011 DOST-SEI Scholarship is already available at the nearest DOST Regional and Provincial Offices. These forms are likewise distributed to public and private high schools.

General Criteria of Eligibility:

  • A natural born Filipino citizen;
  • Belong to the upper 5% of the regular high school graduating class or
  • A member of the graduating class of a DOST-SEI identified or DepEd-recognized science high school
  • A resident of the municipality for the last 4 years as attested by the barangay
  • Be of good moral character and in good health.

The following are NOT QUALIFIED to apply:

  • Those who have earned units in any post-secondary/undergraduate course.
  • Those who have taken any DOST-SEI Science and Technology Scholarship Examination.
  • Those who have applied for resident/immigrant status in the USA or any other country.

Scholarship Privileges:

  1. Tuition and other school fees not to exceed Php 6,000/semester/term.
  2. Allowance for prescribed textbooks and essential school supplies at Php 5,000/academic
  3. Outright grant for prescribed Military Science/Physical Education uniform of Php 500.00 for first semester, first year only.
  4. Free transportation for one economy-class round trip fare between permanent residence and place of study on reimbursement basis (for those studying outside of their home province).
  5. Monthly living allowance for a 10-11month duration depending on the awardee’s scholarships category as full, partial, or special which shall be based on certain socioeconomic indicators:
    • For those who will pursue BS Physics, BS Applied Physics, BS Physics for Teachers and BSE Physics Teaching, Geology and Mining Engineering, a monthly living allowance of Php 5,000/P3,150/P2,825; for full/partial/special scholarship, respectively.
    • For those who will pursue other DOST priority courses, a monthly living allowance of Php 4,000.00/Php2,400/Php 2,200 for full/partial/special scholarship, respectively
  6. Post-graduation clothing allowance of P1,000

Download the DOST Scholarship Application Form and brochure here.

For more information, contact:

Negros Occidental Provincial Science & Technology Center
Cottage Road, Bacolod City
Tel. No.: 707-0170

2012 DOST Scholarship Application Forms now Available by

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