Ilonggo Folk Song: Dandansoy

Dansansoy is a popular Ilonggo Folk Song, sung even by non-Ilonggos. In the song, the singer bids farewell to a boy named Dansoy. I remember my mother singing this song to  me when I was a kid in Iloilo. I would ask her where Payao is but unfortunately, she didn’t know. From then on, I thought Payao was a fictional place. Little did I know that it’s a barangay in the town of Binalbagan which I only learned when I moved here in Bacolod. Unfortunatlely, most people from Iloilo don’t know where Payao is.

Who wrote Dandansoy?

There’s a debate going on in the net about the actual writer of Dandansoy. This song is  popularly known to be written by Augorio Abeto who hails from Binalbagan. He was a famous Ilonggo poet in the 1930’s and also a mayor of Binalbagan in 1941-1945.  I could not find a record online as to when he actually wrote the song but there are references to his songs being popularized during the Japanese occupation. The popularity may be because the feeling of desolation that has engulfed the country during the war was reflected in the poignant lyrics and melody of Dandansoy.

The challenger to the throne as the writer of Dandansoy is Fortunata Magsipoc Ledesma from Culasi, Antique.  Supporters of this claim said “Dandansoy” is from the phrase “ang daan nga dalan gin usoy”.

I’m personally doubtful of the claim since the lyrics of Dandansoy is in Hiligaynon and not Kinaray-a. I know Antiqueños can fluently write in Hiligaynon but they are a very proud people so in my opinion, if they are going to write anything, it is going to be in their language. I may be wrong in this, so in order to dispel any doubt, we are open to anybody who can provide a proof as to who actually wrote Dandansoy.

There were also claims from Leyte that the song was originally theirs. Sometimes, Dandansoy is also confused with Condansoy of the Cebuanos. There’s never been any doubt in my mind that Dandansoy is an Ilonggo song. The lyrics are unmistakably in Hiligaynon.

Below are the Dandansoy lyrics for those who grew up with it, to reminisce and for the young ones to appreciate. Learn it by heart. Sing it with your soul. It is our heritage.

Dandansoy Lyrics

Dandansoy, bayaan ta ikaw
Pauli ako sa Payao
Ugaling kun ikaw hidlawon
Ang Payao imo lang lantawon.

Dandansoy, kun imo apason
Bisan tubig di magbalon
Ugaling kun ikaw uhawon
Sa dalan magbobonbobon.

Kumbento, diin ang kura?
Munisipyo, diin hustisya?
Yari si Dansoy makiha.
Makiha sa paghigugma

Ang panyo mo kag panyo ko
Dal-a diri kay tambihon ko
Ugaling kun magkasilo
Bana ta ikaw,asawa mo ako.

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  • http://facebbookcom Alliah Mallete De Lara

    can you tell me lots of information about the song Dandansoy

  • Froiland Firmeza

    Can you tell me what is the message or deep meaning of this song…
    Please send your message here. ASAP.. thanks :D

    • Glady Reyes

      Hi Froiland! Read the previous comments and you’ll find a lot of interpretation of Dandansoy from the readers.