Pataan Mountain Resort, Bago City

Had my grandma not have her hair permed that weekend, we would have not known that Bago City is home to another marvel, the Pataan Mountain Resort. From Kipot Twin Falls, we travelled three (3) kilometers following the road to PNOC (thanks to the locals who gladly gave us directions). Along the way, a lady hailed to hitch a ride with us. Incidentally, she was going to the resort too. Turns out she works for the owner of the resort and her folks work there too. Knowing that, my folks didn’t wait long before they could ask her more questions about the resort. So she gave us a little backgrounder.

It’s owned by a retired police who bought the property in 1998. Many people had showed interest in co-financing the development of the resort but the owner declined them all. Too many cooks spoil the broth, so they say. Instead, they relied on the concerted efforts of family members who contributed to the growth of the property from a simple bahay bakasyunan to a resort ready to accommodate picknickers,backpackers and nature lovers.

The resort has now at least 9 picnic cottages (much like the day cottages at Mambucal, but built with wood) situated near the pool of water from the falls. Big groups can rent the space which doubles up as a canteen, the pavillion or the other bigger structure (restaurant set-up) at the opposite side of the day cottages. Two overnight rooms are available for group accommodations: one good for 6 and the other good for 15. There is a swimming pool which, during our stay, was dominated by kids. From there, you get a good view of the rice terraces in the lowland plus a good view of your parked vehicle, in case you feel like checking on it once in a while. If you think you are too old for the pool or just didn’t want to pay PHP50.00 to get wet, there is the many pools of water from the waterfalls at no extra cost.

And the waterfalls. Wow… it’s a different sight from the ones I’ve seen in Mambukal. It’s wider and covered with greens all over. My folks took a dip in the pool under the waterfalls but didn’t stay long because the water was cold. I would have gone with them had I been in better health during our visit. (poor me huhuhu).

If you want a new mountain resort experience, do check out Pataan Mountain Resort while it’s not yet known to many. The owners didn’t want to advertise so they rely on word of mouth and referrals of satisfied customers who bring friends and relatives along during their next visits. Works for them really, as they feel that they are not yet ready to draw more crowd than they could serve.

Here’s some useful info about the resort:

Pataan Mountain Resort
Location: Sitio Pataan, Brgy. Mailum, Bago City
Contact Numbers: (034) 476-7296, 476-4856, 434-4262

How to Get There:

By Public Transport

Travel Details

Mode of Transportation


Libertad Market to Ma-ao Public Market Road Star Bus P40/head
Ma-ao Public market to Pataan Tricycle P30/head
P150 for hire

By Private Transport

1. From Bacolod City

Bacolod City > Araneta St > Brgy Sum-ag > Crossing Abuanan > Maao Public Market>

2. From Bago City

Bago City > Crossing Mining > Maao Public Market. When you reach the market, you just go straight up following the concrete road til you pass by the signboard to Buenos Aires, then Kipot Twin Falls. No harm in asking locals for directions to be sure (LOL!)

3. Going to Pataan via Murcia – There’s another route which is especially useful if you’re from Mambukal Mountain Resort and want to go to Pataan Mountain Resort. If you’re from Mambukal, turn left at crossing going to Sitio Manghumay. There’s a sign that says “going to Pataan” but to make sure you won’t miss it, ask the locals once you reach the army headquarters.

From Bacolod via Murcia, you turn right when you see the sign before reaching the army headquarters.The road is mostly concrete but there are some areas which are not, but still very passable even for vans. It’s around 5.8km before you reach the sign at crossing Sitio Pataan, Mailum, Bago City. The road to your left will lead you to Pataan Mountain Resort while the road to your right will lead to Kipot Falls and Buenos Aires Mountain Resort. Follow the road to your left for about 3km until you reach Pataan on the left side of the road. It’s around 30minutes from Mambukal to Pataan.
View Going to Pataan via Murcia in a larger map

Useful Travel Tips:

  • There are no PUJs passing by the resort so you have to work out your transportation details.
  • Bring your own food and drinks, if you can help it. They don’t charge corkage fee except for liquor (I’m not sure about the beer though). And bring only what you can consume so you wouldn’t have to bring them all back home.
  • Make reservations in advance. Especially if you plan to stay overnight.
  • Be prepared to get wet.
  • You can’t get your camera too close to the falls because of the mist so I suggest you bring one with a powerful zoom to get a good close-up of the falls.

Pataan Mountain Resort Fees     

Entrance Fee P50 per person, children below 3 ft are free
Swimming Pool Fee Adult: P50 per person, Children: P30 per person
Corkage Fee: Wine: P100 per bottle, Hard drinks: P150 per bottle/case

Tropical Cottages and Pavilions

Pavilion I, maximum of 35 persons P1,200
Pavilion II, maximum of 100 persons P2,500
Pavilion II, maximum of 30 persons P1,000
Cottages 1, 10, 11, 12, maximum of 20 persons P700
Cottages 2 to 9, maximum of 10 persons P500

Room Rates

Sampaguita (Big Room): P2,000 for 10 persons
Gumamela (Wooden Room) P1,500 for 4 persons
Ilang-Ilang 1, 2 (Mahogany Room) with common T&B P800 for 4 persons
Ilang-Ilang 3 (Mahogany Room) with common T&B P500 for 2 persons
Bougainvillea 1,2,3,4 (Tatami) w/ common T&B P500 for 4 persons

Additional Foam with complete beddings: P100 per person
Tent Rental: P500 per tent

*Bringing of beverages is not allowed. Prices may change without prior notice.

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  1. May says

    I think the photos posted in here were photos taken 7 years ago, right? I’ve heard a lot about this place and in fact, I am just a 6 km away from the City of Bago but haven’t had a chance to even drop by on this beautiful resort. Now that I have finally realized that I need some time for myself; to relax and to see the of beauty nature, I have picked Pataan Mountain Resort to be the best place to stay overnight. I think it would be the best choice as well for family bondings or team buildings. I can’t wait to see the Falls! It’s been so long since I last saw a Falls in front of me. Seeing it in pictures is not enough. I hope I will enjoy my overnight stay with my family in this resort. :-)

    • Glady Reyes says

      Yup, these were taken in 2008. I guess there were already a lot of developments at Pataan. We would greatly appreciate if you can share your pictures here.

  2. joel wycoco says

    just want to ask ,if you have sufficient room to accommodate 250 to 300 pax for 3days ,2nights stay, and also if you have a hall enough to accommodate same number of participants , if yes email me @ my email add, because we will be needing a place for our conference, i will be glad to hear from you as soon as possible, thank you!

  3. says

    We’ve been there! its so cold there at night and the water in the pool feels like your swimming in the ice :) The only problem there before is parking area, I hope they have space for parking now.

  4. mitch says

    hi i would just like to ask if how can i make online reservation gusto kasi namin mag pa reserve na early.thanks!

  5. hikari5dai says

    I just arrived from Pataan Mountain Resort. My team left Bacolod City after our shift and it took around an hour to reach the resort (arrived around 11pm). Stayed overnight and enjoyed the freezing pool and the falls :)). Left the resort at 4pm and reached our starting point in Bacolod City around 5:40pm.
    My team was 14 persons and we were able to make reservations for 2 rooms, each w/ two beds, and w/ aircon. I think our organizer paid around Php 6490 for our rooms, entrance and fees for the facilities (and i think our transportation also, someone brought his car and drove us – round trip).
    We brought our own food and just enjoyed the place. I recommend this place who wants to get away from the beach and overcrowded resorts.
    If you forgot to bring your utensils and need to cook your food, you can request them to cook the food for you for a fee of Php50 per kilo.
    Just reserve a room for your stay if you want to stay overnight and organize your transportation.

  6. efren gabieta says

    its so disgusting during our trip at pata-an mountain resort. imagine,we were not allowed to eat our seafoods,for the reason that it attarcts flies,but in fact flies are many there,that are joining us tasting our foods.for the cottage of P500.00 ,you must only ten persons,if you are a group of eleven you must have to rent of another extra! in mambucal summer resort,you rent for a P350.00 cottage,unlimited person can occupy. no food is prohibited, their fool is big enough for a P 50.00 entrance fee,maybe ten times larger than the pata-an pool for the same entrance fee. In mambucal so many views you can see,and if you are energitic enough,you can see up to seven falls,but in pata-an only one fall , but a little bit dangerous,because of the slippery stone,that a single slip might damage your body.

    • Glady says

      Thanks! You might also want to visit Buenos Aires Mountain Resort if you haven’t been there often. It has undergone renovation recently.

  7. acey says

    My advisory class is planning to hold our farewell party in pataan on the 26th and 27th…I’ve never been there but the teens are bugging me to have an overnight stay there. What really is the real score? Will an overnight stay hold us penniless or what? Or even if we have to spend wwe will get our money’s worth? What i really would want to know is the expenses we have to forsee. We are going to be a big group. We also want to have some serious fun for the last time before these young people get to college. Thanks.

    • Negros Occidental says

      Acey, the best thing to do would be to call them and inquire on the costs involved. Our post here was two years ago so a lot of things have changed in the resort including policies. If you are going to like it or not is going to be very subjective since each of us has his own preferences. However, since your students like the place then perhaps it’s wise to consider it. Call management and ask for their fees. If you think they are too expensive then consider other place such as Mambukal.

  8. negrosguide@twitter says

    Pataan is NOT a good resort. The owner wanted to recoup his expenses immediately that he had to charge a lot of fees. They charge corkage fees for drinks, expensive cottage fees, high priced food at the cafeteria and unreasonably high pool fee. The corkage for one bottle of drink is P20, and for hard liquor P150. Imagine our surprise when we went there and informed us they will charge P150 for hard liquor worth P200?! Unfortunately, it’s difficult to go there that you just want to get it over with. We thought that maybe they were charging that high because the place is great. BUT No, it is not worth it. The cottages are too small for them to charge P500 at least, the overnight tent is worth P1000 but it looks like a mosquito net, the breakfast costs P100 for a small cup of rice, one egg and tapa meat that you can finish in two bites. An ice cream drop worth P5 in retail store is sold at P12. I would not mind paying that much if the resort is enjoyable but after a shower in the falls (which is not that high anyway), there is nothing else to do there. The pool is too small that only kids may enjoy and its worth P50 a dip. And there are only a few toilets and baths for the guests. I will never return there, and I will tell my friends not to go there. Do not bother to go there, better look for other resorts.

  9. Jate says


    We’re planning to have my team’s bonding schedule Oct 25-26, 2009 an overnight stay. I tried calling the 4761330 but the number is out of service. I want to make a reservation but how do i do it?

    Please email me back.

  10. admin says

    To the commentators, please avoid using foul words or I will have to remove your comments. You can post negative comments but please choose your words.

  11. jing says

    MagTV na featured this resort just this morning. I’m kinda tired of beaches and is glad for another alternative to enjoy nature. I’m living in Iloilo and Boracay is always a destination for vacation. I also have worked in Palawan for 5years. So to say, am indeed done with beaches.

    My brother is having his vacation in may. I hope to get him agree to include Pataan in our family nature trip.

  12. says

    I went to this place last summer. The road there was awful even though we were driving off-road 4x4s…but as soon as we arrived at the place, all I can say was it is very rewarding. The falls is just very near. You need not hike to reach it or bathe under the falls. I’m happy that there is no overkill when it comes to its advertising so as not to destroy the place when it gets popular to tourists. The pool was kind of small though. What is nice I guess is that there are no jeepneys passing by the place or else flocks of tourists will make the place crowded.

  13. Glady says

    Hahaha…edit ko na para sa imo. Are we talking of “THE” uncle here? hehehe…. Gusto ko na mag visit da. It was my friend Roxie ang nakakadto didto.

  14. Alabuton says

    Glads, my uncle owns a lot near this resort. Didto na to gahalin pa ang tubig sa iya property nayon kay ara to ang tuburan. Hihi.