Things to See and Do in Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental

We went to visit our relatives in Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental. Unlike last year when we just passed by on our way to San Carlos City, we spent the day in town to explore its many landmarks.

Fast Facts (from Wikipedia)

Region : Western Visayas
Province : Negros Occidental
District : 1st District of Negros Occidental
Income Class : 5th class; partially urban
Barangays : Bago-Lalong, Bagong Silang-Marcelo, Bunga, Igmaya-an, Kumaliskis, Pandanon,Pinowayan-Prosperidad

How to get there: The fastest route would be following the Negros Translink Ecotourism Highway  hich takes 1 hour and 30 minutes on a private car. Commuters have the option to either take the bus or the V-hire. You can catch one at the Ceres South Terminal near Libertad, Bacolod City.

Things to look forward to in Don Salvador Benedicto:

  1. The high altitude and cool climate similar to Tagaytay.
  2. Long and winding roads which follows the contour of one mountain to another. The trip’s no hassle though with the local government’s efforts of providing its constituents with a well-constructed and well maintained road system. And you’d wonder why your local government, with a higher income class, couldn’t do the same for your own town.
  3. Experience the Magnetic Hill at KM34 SB13 road marker.
  4. Kape Musang. Although this is highly seasonal but you might try your luck and ask around.
  5. Villa Ica Garden, the perfect garden setting for weddings, anniversaries, family gatherings. They are currently undertaking maintenance construction in preparation for the wedding the son’s owner come April 2009 (and we are invited, wohooo!)
  6. Monkeys hanging freely on trees by the roadside. We’ve actually seen one near the municipal hall.
  7. The Signature Plant at the DSB Municipal Hall. All the town hall’s visitors are enjoined to write their names on the leaves of the signature plant. It’s grown tall now so I guess they will have to provide a ladder for visitors to do that.
Signature Plant
Signature Plant
8. A peak into the Stone House of Don Salvador owned by the town’s founder, Nehemias de la Cruz.
9. A view of Malatan-og Falls (cigarette falls) from the Lantawan or The Viewing Deck. From there, you can also see the seas of both Oriental and Occidental Negros. There’s a trail which adventure- lover could follow leading to the falls. The walk, they say, is long, about 30 minutes, but all worth it after taking a plunge in the waters.
Malatan-og Falls

10. The rice terraces similar to that of Banaue.

11. Buy/Enjoy mickey mouse plants, pink torches, million flowers, anthuriums. They are grown in commercial quantities at the Dela Cruz Garden. But I’m not sure if they are selling it. From what I’ve heard, they are propagating it in time for the son’s wedding.
Torch Plant
12. Eat/Bring Home pineapples, atis, durian, and marang. If you are riding the bus, you can ask the conductor to stop for you to check out the roadside vendors who sell fruits in season.
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  1. mcfn says

    my cousin’s wedding.. hehe. im so sad i wasnt able to attend their wedding, but i was able to go to the stone house and with jr himself. vip style! hehe

  2. jenny says

    i love the scenery!!! don salvador is really a great place!id like to have our vacation there for 2 to 3 days, is there a place where me and my husband can stay???


    I had that rare opportunity of passing by Don Salvador Benedicto just recently ( November 29, 2010), & I thank GOD for having that experience of travel from Iloilo- bacolod- San Carlos City; for which the route was via the Negros Translink Highway crisscrossing that span of rolling mountains where Don Salvador Benedicto is located. I for one is amazed by the incomparable beauty of the place. I just look forward that Negrenses will take care of the place for it is no beyond compare. How I wish that someday GOD will give me a chance to buy a lot in that lovely place.

    • Glady says

      You and I share the same dream of one day owning a lot in Don Salvador. Many tourists are already buying lots there for their rest house. Negros Translink Highway is probably one of the best maintained road network in the country today and I hope this will be consistently done.

      • ARIEL B. LABACLADO says

        i just hope the negros translink highway will be maintained and improved both by the provincial and national government. it will boost the province potential for ecotourism and ultimately for the Philippines as a whole. many tourists will go there especially koreans , chinese and japanese. i just wish most Filipinos should invest n that place aside from d foreigners.

  4. RSG says

    I have the experience to go down to be more closely to the falls along with my friends. It takes almost 45 minutes to go down and up the slope, crossing rivers and rice fields. But the scenic view when you arrive there is incomparable…The Malatan-og falls is really worth the walk!

  5. mrs roth says

    i want to bring my husband to visit negros occidental that place where i was born this dsb area it looks like a one of the place where we can visit next year

    • Negros Occidental says

      there are a lot of developments going on in dsb right now. it’s status as negros occidental’s summer capital is a big boost in tourism promotion.

  6. meg says

    how to get there in signature plant, stone house, etc.. are those located in one place? how much will it cost? thnks